LUCKY DOG: The Road To Recovery After Night In Blizzard

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Spending a night outside during December’s blizzard left one poor pooch in critical condition, but it didn’t break her spirit.

Janie the basset hound lived at the Dogs Forever Shelter in Cedar Rapids for about a year. While out for a walk Janie slipped out of her collar and ran away right before the blizzard rolled through Eastern Iowa.

Volunteers were unable to locate Janie forcing them to leave her stranded outside in the storm. 

The next day volunteers found Janie in the snow with serious injuries to her stomach and ear.

Foster Mom Michele Means said, “She initially had a surgery to close up the wound on her side, we were kind of in a wait and see mode on her ear. We weren’t sure how much damage had been done by the frost bite.”

After the surgery and around the clock care Janie is doing better, but she will need another surgery to remove her ear canal, which was severely damaged during the blizzard. 

Janie’s medical bills have already totaled $2,000, but Means says it’s worth it, “helping animals that can’t help themselves, or anyone, people, children, is a rewarding thing to do.”

Dogs forever is tracking Janie’s Recovery on their website.