RADON TESTING: Braley To Propose Federal Funding

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Rep. Braley (D) already has his name on the ballot

Representative Bruce Braley is expected to push for Radon testing in schools when he heads back to Washington this session.

Braley first introduced the End Radon in Schools Act to the U.S. House last fall, but before he takes it back to D.C., he spent the afternoon discussing the importance of testing for radon at the Iowa Statehouse.

He says the bill would give grants to fund radon testing in schools.  If an unhealthy level of the naturally occurring gas is found, the school would also receive funding to mitigate it.

Braley explained how the funding would benefit Iowans, “This federal funding would pay for the costs of testing and mitigation and be administered through a priority system that would focus first on states like Iowa where 99 counties in this state are in zone 1 radon classifications, which means they have the highest level of radon in the country.”