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SUSPICIOUS DEATH: Neighbors Remember Victim

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A death at a Des Moines apartment has detectives working around the clock to figured out what happened.

Police were called to a home on 21st Street around 9 a.m. when a friend arrived at a woman's apartment and found her dead. Authorities aren't saying much about the death besides that it is suspicious in nature.

Sgt. Steve Woody explained, "Based on the condition of the body, how everything looked, we called detectives, who then in turn called the crime scene unit to come out and process the scene.  We are classifying it right now as a suspicious death."

Police are not yet identifying the woman, but say there were injuries to the body.

"There were signs of trauma.  Self-inflicted or not we don't know at this time," Woody said.

Neighbors say the woman was quiet and friendly.

"I've always seen her walking around.  Nothing seemed abnormal about her or anything.  I'd always say hi to her and she'd always feed our dogs or if they ever got out she'd put them back in.  She was a really sweet woman," neighbor Reina Vasquez said.

Brenda Vasquez added, "She told me that she was going back to school and she was going to DMACC and getting her education.  She was really quiet and every time she would see us she would be really friendly and say hi and she was just really nice."

Now, neighbors aren't sure what to think, "it's pretty scary because my dad told me that he saw her the other day and now they found her dead, so it's just shocking."

Police will not say how long they suspect the woman has been dead, but neighbors say they last saw her Sunday.