THREE DEAD: Car Flips In To Icy Creek

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A driver failing to stop at a stop sign is to blame for the deaths of three people after the vehicle plunged into the icy water in Sioux City.

Authorities say the crash happened around 3 a.m. Sunday when the vehicle failed to stop and then ended up in Perry Creek.

Authorities say the vehicle crashed through a yard before it landed upside down in the icy creek.

Authorities say three men died with two other people injured.

The home's owner says he woke up to the sound of steel on concrete, a sound that lasted for several minutes.

"I didn't know if something had hit the house or not, and I looked outside and noticed my mailbox was gone, I then noticed the tire tracks leading through the lot, and then I immediately told my wife ‘I think someone just drove in," Scott Bowman recounted.

KTIV reports that an impromptu vigil was held Sunday night at the crash site to commemorate the victims Torey Wickey, Dominick Nok, and Matt Dean, all aged in their 20’s.

There is no word yet on the survivor’s conditions.