BEST BREWS: Two Des Moines Bars Distinguished

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A magazine all about beer says Des Moines residents are blessed with not one, but two of the best bars for beer in the country.

Draft Magazine developed a list of the 100 Best Beer Bars in the United States; among the elite were El Bait Shop and the Royal Mile.

El Bait Shop boasts 105 beers on tap and more than 100 bottled beers, the bar’s owner subscribes to Draft, but wasn’t expecting to see his establishment listed.

 “It’s always surprising. I mean I’m from Iowa, we`re from Iowa, and we`re not pat yourself on the back kind of people and when you get some recognition you`re kind of like aw shucks kind of thing,” Jeff Bruning said.

The British pub Royal Mile also made the list as a kind of two-for-one special, Draft says the Mile has the best collection of U.K. beer on this side of the pond, while the bar upstairs called the Red Monk features the best Belgian Brews.