GRANDPARENTS SCAM: Grocery Employees Help Stop Scam

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Several grocery store employees are credited with stopping a scam. Police have nicknamed it the Grandparents Scam, Jan Sawvell of Bettendorf says she was targeted last week.

She received a call from someone telling her that her grandson was in prison in Mexico and needed cash. “The only way to expedite the trial was for me to send him $1,000 and he would be able to see the judge that day. I was speechless,” Sawvell said.

So she rushed to the local Hy-Vee to try and wire the money. Fortunately for this concerned Grandma, employees noticed the warning signs, asked her a few questions, and stopped her from being scammed.

Police say Sawvell was lucky, but many are not, and this scam is becoming more common.  Once the money is gone, it is hard for Iowa authorities to retrieve it, since it’s being sent to a foreign country.

Despite being a target, Sawvell says she hasn’t lost her faith in people. “It’s a really sad situation. But there are still a lot of good people out there.”