JUDICIARY ADDRESS: Cady Calls To Better Serve Iowans

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“As we have proven in the past, a great vision can become a reality when we work together,” Chief Justice Mark Cady began his State of the Judiciary address Wednesday by call on the branches of Iowa’s government to come together.

Every year since 1978, the Chief Justice has given his address in front of a joint session of the legislature, it allows him to give an update on the courts and make requests of lawmakers.

This year, Chief Justice Mark Cady is asking that all clerks of court return to full time hours to better serve Iowans. Three years ago budget restrictions caused the offices to close on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Justice Cady also asked for more juvenile court officers. “Every child deserves a face-to-face meeting with an assigned juvenile court office. An impersonal letter form a stranger just does not cut it. We know that with early personal intervention, more troubled children re saved from a life of crime and lifted out of a world of heartache,” he said.

Another part of Cady’s address called on courts to resolve disputes faster. “In people’s lives, one courthouse delay is one too many. This is not how a justice system should operate and it’s not what Iowans should endure. We can have responsive, full service court system if our judges have the support they need to run an efficient courtroom.”

The Judicial Branch is in the middle of switching all Iowa counties over to an electronic filing system to streamline the process, which Cady says is one of their biggest tasks right now.