WASTE AUDIT: Students Ask Lawmakers For Compost Bill

Some young people made the trip to the Iowa Capitol Wednesday to put in a request to lawmakers. After conducting a research project a group of Iowa City 5th graders came up with a solution to the problem they discovered and decided to ask lawmakers for help.

 “We are working to have a bill to allow restaurants to compost their food waste and not just send it to the landfill,” fifth grader Andrew Burgess told Channel 13.

The students came up with the idea for the bill after performing a waste audit at two restaurants. Then they brought their data to the Capitol to share with legislators.

“We found out together, per week, they produce two tons of waste, and 75 percent of that is compostable. So were trying to cut down that amount, and cut down that waste in order to stop hurting the ozone layer,” fifth grader Joey Titus explained.

After they were done talking to lawmakers, the students didn’t head home, instead they hit the capitol cafeteria to conduct another waste audit.

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