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INSPIRED TO GIVE: National Day of Service

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On a beautiful Saturday many people across the metro found themselves inside by choice.

Volunteers from around the Des Moines areas gave up their time to help someone in need.

“This is definitely a project that makes you feel good and part of something bigger than yourself,” said Anita Garrison.

Volunteers at Orchard Place in Des Moines made blankets for children.

Sondra Carter said, “We start out thinking that we’re going to teach them something when they really are the ones that teach us.”

Across town good Samaritans at the Central Iowa Shelter, people made care packages for the homeless.

The national day of service honors Martin Luther Jr. Day.  It encourages people to step outside their comfort zones to help their community.

“Everyone likes to do something for someone else so whether we know the person or not doesn’t really matter,” said Carter.

Amy Olson works at the Central Iowa Shelter and she says the impact of events like these have a big impact on those who need it most.

“We’ve heard people say, the cards especially, they say hey you know have a good day, reach for the stars, all sorts of different things, they just remind people that someone is caring about them..somebodies looking out for them,” said Olson.