AGRIBUSINESS: Emerald Ash Borer Spreading

The 2012 surveillance results of the Iowa Emerald Ash Borer Team are out.

2 purple box traps set in trees by USDA tested positive for the presence of emerald ash borer (often called EAB). This indicates that EAB has moved west into Allamakee county proper from Henderson Island in the Mississippi River, where it was first found in the state in 2010. 2 trap trees in Allamakee county examined by the Iowa DNR also confirmed the presence of EAB.

Emerald ash borer came to the United States roughly 10 to 15 years ago, but its natural predators did not. Since its introduction in the U.S., EAB has moved into 14 states unimpeded.

According to the report, EAB in Iowa has not moved outside of Allamakee county.

Because one of the most expedient ways for EAB to travel is in firewood, Allamakee county is under a wood quarantine, and State Entomologist Robin Pruisner urges Iowans to "buy local and burn local."

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