HONORING MLK: Des Moines Students Celebrate

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"He is someone who fought so hard for me to have equal rights with everyone," said Ronni Palmer, a senior at Des Moines Hoover High School.

"He fought for what was right and it changed how the world is today," said Avery Jackson, a senior at Des Moines Hoover High School.

Instead of just saying what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. means to them, a group of Des Moines students chose to show it.

Ronni Palmer and Avery Jackson are two of the 25 students that make up Des Moines' NAACP Youth Council.

"It's a great thing to be a part of," said Palmer.

On January 10th, the group convinced the Des Moines school board to pick another time to make up a December snow day.

Instead of spending their day off on the sofa, the students honored Dr. King.

Students sang with the choir at the state's celebration at the Fort Des Moines Museum and sought out inspiration by listening to an MLK Day speech at Grandview's Viking Theater.

"What he thought was just him being himself, changed the world," Jackson told Channel 13 News.

The day wasn't all songs and speeches. Students pulled out scissors and made blankets that will be donated to homeless shelters.

The students say community service projects are part of Dr. King's legacy.

"I think he would be proud of us if he were here today," said Palmer.

"We did it, and we did it for the right cause," said Jackson.

Des Moines students will not make up a scheduled snow day on President's Day either. 

Instead, they will have two days added to the end of the school year.