MURPHY’S LAW: Friends Cleanse, Fan of Stan, White Night

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Sometimes you agree to something because it sounds so far away, you forget the day will arrive. I said yes to Jenny’s idea of a juice cleanse. I’m sipping my seventh juice of the day as I type. Surprisingly,  I’m not hungry at all. However, I do fear tomorrow. I have more fiber than a forest. 


Dinner. And dessert.

Friday we took Cade and his friends to Sky Zone for a birthday party. Dodge ball trampoline? Trampoline dunking? Why didn’t they have this when I was a kid?

skyzone kidsSky Zone is cool. Nice people. But more fun for kids. This next picture kind of captures that.

skyzone funThe I-Cubs new manager, Marty Pevey, seems like a good guy. Don’t get used to him. He’s the seventh I-Cubs skipper in seven years…

Stan Musial is, arguably, the most underrated baseball legend of all time. The numbers show Musial belongs in any discussion of greatest hitters ever, but he never is…

Anyone who can start his or her car from inside channel 13 is taunting me. It feels like -10 outside, and Lynn Melling started her car from the anchor desk as soon as I finished the sports…

Royce White breaks his non-Twitter silence Tuesday night on HBO’s Real Sports.  I hope he talks wiser than he tweets.



I thought Iowa did an outstanding job honoring Chris Street. I don’t know how the night could have gone better…

I love that after Iowa State beat TCU, Fred Hoiberg immediately noted ISU should be 4-0 and in first place…

Time to finish the juice…


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