SERVICE DAY: Volunteers Package Meals

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Volunteers crowded the Grubb YMCA to package thousands of meals for central Iowans. The Meals from the Heartland event was scheduled to coincide with Martin Luther King Junior day.

Volunteers say it was a fun and an easy way to honor Dr. King and give back to the community. 

“It’s a hands-on approach, and what’s neat is it’s like a manufacturing process within a non-profit so you get immediate feedback that you’re making a difference and creating a product,” Organizer Dave Bradley said.

In just two-hours the group of 140 volunteers packaged 6,000 meals.  Each meal includes rice, soy protein, vitamin powder and dried vegetables.

“It’s a great team building, camaraderie building-type event. People from all parts of the community, across all different sectors of society, come together and work at the same table to make a difference.” Bradley said.

Organizers say the meals they packaged on Monday will stay in central Iowa and help feed about 35,000 people. The Food Bank of Iowa and the Des Moines Area Religious Council will distribute the meals to those in need.