FEATHERED FRIENDS: Donors Save Seniors Aviary

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The new residents at an East side retirement home get to stay, thanks to the generous outpouring of support.

In October, we told you about the uncertainty surrounding the future of the finches at the Rose of East Des Moines Retirement Center. A Nebraska company brought an aviary to the home and brightened the sometimes gloomy place, but as the happy residents soon found out, the aviary was only on loan and they needed to pay $4,000 to keep it at the low-income retirement center.

Soon after we shared the story, donations came rolling in.

Some $2,700 was donated to the cause and Administrator Scott Berger called the aviary builder to tell them about the progress. “When I made the phone calls and told them what we had raised, they let us know that that was enough and they would write off the rest and we could keep it.”

Just like that, the birds are there to stay.

“They made an awful lot of people happy.”

The Rose of East Des Moines is still welcoming donations to help pay for food for the birds, and they would also welcome the advice and services of area bird experts.  You can reach them at (515)-883-1000.