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MORNING BUZZ: The Chicken and Education, Quiet Man and Transitions

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Good Morning!

Lots to talk about this morning!  Thanks to all of you who posted to our question yesterday and to the blog as well.  If you enjoyed reading it and are so inclined…pas it on to someone else or share it with your Facebook friends.  I love hearing new voices in the discussion…and we need someone new now that Evelyn blocked the blog from her news feed.  Just kidding just each her own!

Chicken and the EDucation

So Democrats in the State Legislature are saying you have to pass allowable growth (how much schools can spend) before you deal with education reform.  The Governor wants reform before they decide on spending.  

The Democrats argument sounds right.  The law says the Legislature has to pass allowable growth in the first 30 days so School Districts can get  their budgets together.  But if you stop and think about what the Governor is asking it also makes some sense.  If you are going to reform Iowa’s education system, updating standards, technology and changing the way we teach kids…you need to know that BEFORE you budget.  What good will a budget based on old standards do for a district if they’re going to have to change everything, buy new technology or prioritize teaching positions when reform passes?   It raises a legitimate question of how serious Democrats are about reform?  If they pass allowable growth they can let the School and more importantly the Unions do things the way they’ve always done them.  Then, if they don’t pass reform…who cares?  This all comes after a year of study over what Iowa needs to do and some broad agreement that it needs to be done.   

Reform can be scary.  I understand there are a lot of people who want to keep doing what they’re doing the way they’ve always done it.  If Iowa fails to act, that well planned out spending increase will be good money after bad.  As the Parent of kids about to enter the education system, I’d like to see reform be the priority.  There is PLENTY of time to pass reform and let schools know where those reforms are headed so they can budget.  What are we so scared of?

And by the way pulling the money from a one time source doesn’t sound like that good of an idea to me.  If the state is going to increase ongoing funding for schools, shouldn’t it be with money it KNOWS it’s going to have every year? 

Women as Warriors

My first reaction was hardly any reaction at all.  I think it’s about time women are given combat roles in the US Military.  It’s funny, a friend of mine from High School is an Iraq War veteran and posted a comment yesterday.  She said, while she appreciated support from all of the liberated women hailing this decision as a watershed; she and her fellow female service members have been fighting and dying for their country for a while.  

This is a breakthrough is as far as the 271,000 combat positions women may now be able to hold will afford women the same opportunities to rise through he ranks that their male counterparts have. 

Quiet Man

So we got the story today that Maureen O’Hara will be coming to Winterset in May for the John Wayne Festival.  They’ll be featuring the Movie many feel is O’Hara and Wayne’s best collaborations, The Quiet Man.  I am disproportionately excited about this.  i probably won’t be able to get down there to see the movie or Meet Maureen O’Hara but I wish I could.  I’d put O’Hara’s character in this movie up against ANY Hollywood starlet today…take your pick.  Her looks put them all to shame.


We asked about the one perk you’d want at work on our Facebook page this morning.  Great responses.  Makes me appreciate the perks my employers gives me.  No harm in dreaming though.  I’d love to have a workout facility in the office.  My wife works for Wellmark and the gym is one of the best benefits in my opinion.     


So after 17 years we are getting a new couch and chair for our family room today. That means we had to get rid of the old stuff yesterday.  First, it amazes me how hard it was to give away a couch that is perfectly usable.  Salvation Army finally agreed to take it and they were very accommodating.  The problem came when the movers picked up the furniture.  The boys FREAKED OUT.  I guess we should have prepped them a little more.  They were sure they were never going to have another couch as long as they were alive.  Oh the drama!  We finally talked them off the ledge and assured them a new couch was coming today.      

Where Eagles Raise

Just a quick plug for the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Poker Tournament this Saturday morning.  The money raised through the tournament helps the organization give out scholarships.  On top of that, your 40 bucks gets you lunch and one of the most enjoyable Saturdays you’ll have all winter…provided you can hold on to your chips.  I’ll be back in the mix again this year hoping I can make it through the lunch break!  If you read this blog on a regular basis I’d love it if you came up and said hello.  It’s nice to put faces with usernames!

Have a great day!