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NEW LEADERS: DPS Swears In Directors

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Six new state leaders took an oath to keep Iowans safe. The Department of Public Safety held a special swearing in ceremony on Thursday.

Commissioner Brian London took over the reins of the Department in October, other changes in leadership followed shortly thereafter. Although the group had already begun their new jobs they finally got to celebrate on Thursday.

Alongside London, Marty Deaton, Steve DeJoode, Dave Garrison, Charis Paulson, Steve Ponsetto, and Gerard Meyers all took their oaths.

Garrison is the new Colonel of the Iowa State Patrol and Paulson is the first female Director of the Division of Criminal Investigation. Deaton took over as Director of the Division of Administrative Services, DeJoode became Director of the Division of Narcotics Enforcement, Ponsetto is the Executive Director in the Commissioner’s Office, and Meyers is the Assistant Director of the Division of Criminal Investigation.

Paulson spoke at the ceremony about the honor of serving Iowans.  “The rewards come when you can contact the loved ones of a murder victim and tell them that you arrested the perpetrator or when that guilty verdict is read at a trial. Those are the reasons we chose this career in law enforcement, those are the reasons we stay in this career until retirement,” she said.