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MORE DROUGHT: Planning For The Worst Scenerio

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Central Iowa hasn't seen much water in the last several months. Much of the northwest part of the state is still rated in an extreme drought.

Farmer, Mark Kenney says, “So now, not only do we have a dry condition going into this planting season, it’s actually more concerning than it was last year.”

Governor Branstad and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources are working together to plan for a possible drought this summer.

The DNR says it's crucial to get a head start on controlling the issue and take into precaution what could be the worst case scenario.

“This is the time for communities to be thinking about what they would do if they didn't have enough water,” says Tim Hall.

The Hydrology Working Group oversees the water usage in the state, while local authorities make the final decision on specific water reduction. The DNR says it hasn't used this plan in 20 years.