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BIKE SUMMIT: Plans To Make Statewide Trail

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Cycling enthusiasts are in the metro this weekend to discuss ways to improve our state's bike trails.

Cory Scott, of RDG Planning and Design says, “It’s something we`ve always been advocating now we see that there is more momentum for trail development. We get to be able to shape our own state.”

Cyclists from across the state are gathering at the annual Iowa bike summit. 

Leaders are planning to unveil plans to improve trails across the state. The new trails help Iowans to stay healthy, but also promote environmentally friendly transportation. 

Summit leaders hope to create a trail that connects the entire state.

“We’ve got the Raccoon River Valley Trail and hopefully those start to kind of connect together,” says Mark Wyatt, Executive Director of the Iowa Bike Coalition. He also says this provides a lot of opportunities for the state.

The plan for the state wide bike trail is still a work in progress.

However the metro will see new trail development in the spring and summer.