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Sometimes high school basketball games can be more than just about the score.

It was South Hamilton at Gilbert Friday night but it was also a time for the crowd to celebrate cancer survivors like fifth grader Katie Kessel.

“At this point after about 6 months of intense treatment in New York City, we are well on our way to being cancer free,” explained mom, Sue.

She was made an honorary team captain for the Gilbert’ girls team during the game.

For those in attendance, there were several ways to help the fight through sales of wrist bands and t-shirts.

As many donned the yellow Coaches Verses Cancer t-shirts, Katie was one of several cancer survivors recognized at Friday night’s game.

Katie, who is very shy, stood in front of the whole crowd supported by her friend Megan.

“I think at this point, she’s just feeling proud that she was able to get through everything,” mom, Sue said, “she got through all of the operations and everything we went through and to be able to stand up in front of other kids and tell them you could do this too if this ever happened to you.”

The school raised over $6,000 for the Children’s Cancer Connection, an Iowa charity helping children and their families fight cancer.