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MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclones rebound, Danica’s new man, Royce returns

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By: John Sears

After playing their worst game of the season at Texas Tech, Iowa State rebounded on Saturday knocking off #11 Kansas State 73-67.  This was a much needed win for the Cyclones.  Can you guess Iowa State’s best win before Saturday?  BYU.  The Cyclones’ previous 3 Big 12 wins over Texas, TCU, and West Virginia are wins, but not ‘quality’ wins.  Those 3 teams have a combined 2-16 record in the conference, thus ISU needed a marquee win.  They got it. 

Georges Niang continues to impress.  The freshman plays like a Senior.  He will be a nightmare for the rest of the Big 12 the next 3 years. 

Free throws, free throws, free throws…ISU went 10/22 from the charity stripe.  They got away with it on Saturday, but that number HAS to be fixed. 

Iowa plays at Purdue on Sunday.  I’m interested to see what Hawkeye team shows up.  It’s not a ‘must win,’ but it’s close.

The Hawkeye wrestling team beat Minnesota on Saturday 16-15.  Iowa won by criteria, meaning total points scored in the match.  If a ‘tie’ happens in wrestling they should make the coaches get on the mat and decide the winner. 

The Rockets reinstate Royce White.  Suspension lifted, agreement reached.  White will make his D-league debut for Rio Grand Valley on Feb. 11th.  I’m glad to see an agreement reached by the Rockets and Royce, hopefully it lasts. 

danicaDanica Patrick is apparently now dating driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  In my opinion, that’s not the big news.  Did you know Danica was married to a guy 17 years older than her?  He’s 47, she’s 30.  When they got married Danica was 23, he was 40.  Yowza. 

The Manti Te’o hoax is the weirdest story I’ve ever seen.  Te’o was duped, no doubt.  But he also went on with the lie too long.  Every day there seems to another twist in this bizarre story.  Was he talking to a man or woman every night on the phone?  Why didn’t he EVER go and visit his ‘girlfriend’ when she had leukemia, or was in the accident?  So weird, the whole thing is mind boggling.  I’m still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to appear and say, ‘You’ve been Punk’d.’

Note to ‘The Tavern’ restaurant.  Love the food, work on the service.  It took a waiter 15-20 minutes to even come to our table Saturday night and get our drink order, then our appetizer came out 10 seconds before our pizza.  Again, love the food, work on the service. 

If you have 10 minutes read this story by CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman.  Then go hug everyone you care about.  Heartbreaking.