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PARTY CHAIR: Democrats Elect Olson

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Democrats elected Cedar Rapids Representative Tyler Olson as Chair Saturday morning.

Olson says he plans to use some of Democrats’ success in 2012 to help in 2014.

“We also had a very successful 2012 and I’m going to really make sure that we take some of those lessons like getting some of those tools and resources out to our leaders, our grassroots leaders across the state, to make sure that we`re electing as many democrats as possible. Not just to win elections, but to move the principals forward that we all share.”

Olson replaces the outgoing Chair, Sue Dvorsky.

Former Culver aide, and One Iowa Executive Director, Troy Price takes over as the party’s executive director.

This announcement comes the same day as Senator Harkin’s decision to retire. The new Iowa Democratic Party Chair says for as long as he’s been alive, Senator Harkin’s name has been on the ballot.

But he’s confident a Democrat will still hold the seat.