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BIG FALLS: Dozens Of Ice Related Injuries

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By late afternoon Sunday, it was just wet but in the morning it was slick, really slick.

The morning's rain quickly turned to ice making sidewalks and driveways an ice rink.

"That ice is nasty today."

Kenneth Carr of Pella found out the hard way as he walked down his driveway.

"Went to go get the Sunday paper and turned around and started walking back across the road and I slipped on the ice there and went down.”

Carr hit his head so hard, an ambulance had to take him to the emergency room, not that he remembers very much.

'I didn`t know where I was at, I didn`t remember anything it must have been a nasty fall.”

Carr joined dozens of residents in the hospital from falls, slips, and slides.

“Expect it to be slippery, don`t be surprised that it`s slippery.” Mercy Dr. Bruce St. Amour says a lot of the falls came from people going up and down steps that were slick.

“Falling isn`t necessarily a benign thing. You don`t just hurt and get back up, especially older people. They break easier and have a higher chance of falling.”

Carr's fall bruised his brain and even caused some bleeding but he's expected to be okay. His advice, “If you don`t have to go outside, don`t. You`re pushing your luck on this ice.”

Mercy and Methodist hospitals in the metro counted 35 people treated for ice related injuries.