CREDIT CARDS: Fees Now Introduced

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Starting Sunday, retailers can now make a little extra money by adding a fee to your credit card bill leaving many shoppers disgruntled.

The new fees stem from a lawsuit filed by retailers. 

Businesses get charged by credit card companies every time you use your card and they argue they can’t afford to pay the fees for customers. 

In the settlement, the court agreed to let businesses pass along the fees to anyone who uses a credit card.

This fee doesn’t apply to debit cards. 

But not all businesses agree customers should have to pay the fees and say they will take on the fees from credit card companies.

“I see it as a cost of doing business, you know there’s no way around it.”

“I personally would not charge any customer for using a credit card. I think it’s just kind of bad for business.” Added Aimee Winslow.

Fee charges will be anywhere from one to four percent

 If retailers plan to charge you that fee, they’re required to clearly post the surcharge in their stores and their websites.