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ICY CONDITIONS: Ambulance Ends In Ditch

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Icy roads caused some major traffic problems across the state Sunday with the worst of the storm hitting north central and northeast Iowa.

The Department of Transportation had to shut down Interstate 35 in Franklin County for a jackknifed semi.

That has since reopened.

In central Iowa, the roads weren’t quite as bad but there were still problems. 

Five vehicles slid off the road at the 13th Street exit in Ames. It started with one driver from Wisconsin that was heading to Texas. He said the roads quickly got slick and he slid into the ditch.  

A car behind him also slid in the ditch and the following two cars crashed on the shoulder.

A few moments later, an ambulance from Dubuque also ended up in the ditch. 

Drivers say once they started to slide they knew they weren’t going to stay on the road. “I felt the wheels spinning under me and there was no way of turning towards the ditch.”

Fortunately no one was seriously injured in this accident.