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MURPHY’S LAW: Hawks are not offensive, X-Games-not a fan, M&M’s

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By: John Sears

Iowa lost at Purdue 65-62 in overtime.  What a disappointment.  These are the type of games the Hawks need to win.  Iowa shoots 31%, scores 16 points in the first half and loses in overtime.  Hawks just don’t seem to have enough to get over the top.  Imagine if this team could shoot? 

I think we can forget about the ‘Devyn Marble to the NBA talk.’  Marble is a good player but he has a long ways to go before he will get a shot in the NBA.  Marble is 4/22 in the last 2 games.  Twice they put the ball in Marble’s hands with the game on the line, both times he missed point blank floaters.  Marble is very inconsistent, he needs to find that shooting stroke we know he has, and he needs to find it soon. 

hawks purdueThe Hawks are 2-5 in the Big 10.  If they want any chance of going to the big dance Iowa needs to finish 9-9 in the conference.  That means they need to go 7-4 in the last 11 games.  It’s doable.  Hawks need to win the rest of their home games, then win at Penn State and at Nebraska.  That makes them 8-3, 21-10 overall.  Even then they probably need to win a game in the Big 10 tournament.   

Iowa misses Matt Gatens more than I thought they would.  Gatens was a rock from the outside.  He wasn’t overly athletic, but he could SHOOT.  This year the outside shooting is almost non-existent.  If this team ever learns how to shoot they can compete with anyone. 

Michigan is the new #1 team in the country.  Hard to believe its been 31 years since the Wolverines were #1 in the polls. 

Congrats to the Drake women, 2 wins in a row.  They aren’t having a good season, but the Bulldogs play extremely hard and just beat in-state rival UNI.

The NFC won the Pro Bowl 62-35.  Not much more to say. 

It looks like Tiger is going to win another PGA event.  Yawn.  Let me know when the majors roll around, that’s all that matters in Woods career now. 

The X-Games are one of the only sporting events I care absolutely nothing about.  I have nothing against any of the athletes, some of the stuff they do is pretty cool, but I have no interest whatsoever in watching a second of it. 

My daughter is 2 years old, and at the stage in herM&Ms life she needs to be ‘bribed’ for certain things.  M&M’s are the greatest bribing tool ever.  1 M&M can do wonders in getting her to pick up her toys, eat the rest of her dinner, etc.