BEEF RECALL: 16 Sickened By Salmonella

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Sixteen people in five states, including Iowa, have been sickened by a strain of Salmonella linked to ground beef.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the source of the illness is likely ground beef from two Michigan retailers. January 24th a recall was issued on about 500 pounds of ground beef from Jouni Meats, Inc. and January 25th a recall was issued on about 550 pounds of ground beef from Gab Halal Foods.

Officials say seven of the confirmed illnesses happened to people after eating a raw beef dish called kibbeh at a Michigan restaurant. Those who have been affected by the illness have also been identified in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The illnesses were reported between December 9th, 2012 and January 7, 2013. Seven of those sickened required hospitalization.

CDC officials advise people to never eat raw or undercooked beef.

If you have any of the products that have been recalled you should dispose of them or return them to the place of purchase.