BRAVE BATTLE: Remembering Bradley

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For the past three years, we’ve been following the progress of Bradley Allen, an Ankeny child with a rare form of brain cancer. Over the weekend, the five year old lost his battle.

Now, the Allens say they will continue helping raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. Angela Allen considers herself blessed. For the past few weeks, she couldn't hold her son because he was just in too much pain. Saturday, she held him for the last time as he died in her arms. "Most people, you have the child who's sick, whatever, you can hold them in your arms. Comfort them. I haven't been able to do that. Just been able to hold his hand and so that was very special to me." Angela explains, "At least I got to hold him and I think he was waiting for me to hold him, so that he could go ahead and go to heaven."

Bradley's tumor has been removed and sent to labs to be studied. The family hopes the research will help save other children.

Bradley's visitation will be held this Thursday from 5pm - 8pm. His funeral is at 10 a.m. Friday. Both will be held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 517 SW Des Moines St, Ankeny.

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