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NEW VIEW: Republicans Talk Gay Marriage

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After a rough election season, Republicans across America have been searching for a way to win over more voters.  Monday, former Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman visited Des Moines to deliver a possible solution; embrace gay marriage as a fundamental right.

“How does standing in the way of two adults who love each other not discourage rather than promote family values?” Mehlman asked the crowd.

Mehlman and local republican leaders addressed a small group in downtown Des Moines, to present their new argument. Acceptance of gay marriage may be a cause long championed by liberals in America, but it also, at its core is all about individual freedom, and could therefore be considered something that is in line with conservative principals

Mitt Romney’s Iowa campaign manager David Kochel said, “In my view, we need to modernize our party`s message and be a bigger party and grow our ability to talk to more voters and include more voters, particularly with young people.”

Executive Director of One Iowa added, “It really is about what`s just and what`s right. And so, the Republican Party is on a journey and from what I heard, today, it`s moving in the right direction.”

This is uncharted water for most Republican lawmakers in Iowa, and it remains to be seen how many of them, if any will jump on board.

Republican Representatives Steve King and Tom Latham and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley have all voted in favor of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.  Governor Terry Branstad has expressed his support for a state-level ban.

Recent polls indicate that a majority of American’s support gay marriage.