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SAYING GOODBYE: National Guard Sendoff

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One hundred Iowa National Guard families spent the past few weeks enjoying the company of their loved ones. Monday morning they had to say goodbye.

Members of the 833rd engineer company left for training in Fort Bliss, Texas before heading to Afghanistan for active combat. 

Some snapped pictures to capture a last moment together, while others just held on to each other tight.

For Specialist Tre King's family this was a tearful, but proud moment.

"The man that he`s become you know, he took the initiative to stand up and be a part of the military and his beautiful daughter, he is a wonderful father too,” King's mother Tabitha explained.

The family says it’s hard to wrap their minds around him going. “It’s just the fact that it might be the last time I ever get to see him," King's little brother Dakota said.

“He`s got a lot more gut than I do that`s for sure,” Tabitha said.

The soldiers will spend one year on active duty training in the U.S. and serving overseas.