SPECULATION 2012: Who Wants Harkin’s Seat?

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Ever since longtime Iowa Senator Tom Harkin announced he would retire in 2014, rather than seek a sixth term, speculation has grown about other politicians who will seek his seat.

Governor Terry Branstad said he won’t be a candidate. He said Monday, “I’ve been encouraged to run for the senate a number of times. I've always said, I'd love to run but I don't want to serve.”

If Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds decided to run for Harkin's seat, she would have the chance to do something no other Iowa woman's ever done. She could serve in congress.

Reynolds said she is focused on her job now and is flattered about the interest in a possible candidacy. She also played off the governor's comments about her feelings for the state. Reynolds said, “I love this state. I want to make that clear. We’re just a little competitive when it comes to that. I've spent most of my career in public service. I was flattered to be included in the list, I'll be honest.”

 Reynolds said she wouldn't rule out a run at senate.