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EVICTION NOTICE: Homeless Appeal Eviction

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Even as the snow continues to fly, the city of Des Moines is working to evict homeless people from their camps.

Eric Randall of Des Moines says he isn't homeless. He says his home is a sandy spot right under the MLK bridge. Here he has tents with plenty of gas heaters; his clothes; even a pot of beef stew cooking on the stove. Over the past year, he says, he's made this spot into his home. Now the city has posted eviction notices, demanding that Randall and others leave because of a number of complaints.

"Most of the complaints that we're addressing in the first round are from people who are on the trails and feel uncomfortable with that population living so close to the trails." says Zoning Administrator SuAnn Donovan, "They don't feel safe."

Randall and others are planning to appeal the eviction. "We aren't here to hurt no one." he says, "We're here to be left alone and we mind our own business. They should mind theirs. We aren't hurting no one."

If Randall loses the appeal, though, the city does not plan to call in police to force him to move. If that’s the case, Randall says, he isn’t going anywhere.