MORNING BUZZ: Reforms, Assumptions and Emotions

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I walked outside this morning with a light jacket on and realized it was too much!  Our house was colder than it was outside…

This is crazy weather.  Now we’re looking at 4-6 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.  Te temperatures are going to drop and the snow will come after midnight.  Looks like tomorrow will be a morning to tune in for!


So we are stuck on this debate.   Democrats in the State Senate say they want to allow School Districts to expand their budgets 4%.  The Governor says reform the system…give the schools more aide and then they won’t NEED the allowable growth.  So what’s going on?  Are Dems not really serious about reform?  Do they want the 4% AND the increase in per pupil funding?  I’m not sure but I will ask again.  What do you think?  


Sen Harkin’s announcement was a big surprise over the weekend.  What’s a bigger surprise?  The number of people who think they’re the person for the job.  Some of them were obvious but some surprised me.  No matter what happens this is “good” news for us in the news business.  It will make for a competitive Senate race and probably at least one competitive Congressional race.  

Whatever your political leanings…agree or disagree with his; we should all be grateful for Sen. Harkin’s long and dedicated service to our state and to the country.  It’s that simple.   

Same Sex Debate

So Ken Mehlman, who ran President George W Bush’s campaign came to Des Moines to talk about the fact that his party should change its stance on same-sex marriage.  A lot of people are looking at the numbers and saying…it’s pretty obvious younger voters in particular found Republican’s message on issues like same-sex marriage out of touch.  I’ve written here before I think conservative Republicans are on the wrong side of history.  If you have a religious objection…protect your church’s right to marry who you see fit.  Let other people believe what they want to believe.  


On the same topic, a Huffington Post Article caught my attention on Facebook the other day.  If you made the assumption that the owner of Chick-fil-a was a heartless fire-breathing conservative…you should read it.  It’s a study in why we should all be more open to new ideas.  


Sometimes they get the best of us.  Those of you watching this morning around 5:20 saw Brooke get emotional over the story of Bradley Allen.  The five-year-old’s fight against cancer was inspirational and we were privileged the family allowed us to tell Central Iowa about it.

Sometimes this stuff hits too close to home though. For parents of young kids, it’s hard to hear that…and then compose yourself and read.  I admire the Allen family’s strength and grace in the face of sadness and disappointment that would ruin a lot of people.  

I hope you have a good day.