MYSTERY WINNER: DCI Still Looking Answers

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The Iowa lottery is still looking for answers in what they say is the strangest case they’ve ever dealt with.

A winning $14 million ticket was sold at a Des Moines gas station in December 2010.  A year after the numbers were announced a New York lawyer claiming to represent the winning trust fund came forward with the ticket just minutes before the deadline, but when the lottery asked for more information about the winner, the lawyer withdrew the winning ticket.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation spent the past year hunting down leads, doing follow-ups and going through phone records and email history.

“It’s good to know it’s still being investigated. Hopefully someday they will get to the bottom of the story and we can find out what really happened. But I think the good news is that we were careful, from the very beginning when something didn’t feel right we took our time, we asked questions, and we wanted to make sure the integrity of the process was preserved,” Iowa Lottery Represenative Mary Neubauer said.

The DCI has subpoenaed phone and email records in an effort to identify the winner, but officials say they are still looking for the public’s help. They are hoping someone with information will come forward.