OPENING DAY: Fong’s Back To Business

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The doors of Fong’s Pizza re-opened on Tuesday after damage from a water main break threatened to close the doors for good.

A pipe burst in November flooding the basement of the popular Des Moines pizza place with six feet of water. The owners had no choice, but to close the doors, rip out all the damage and start again.

Two months later customers were able to return to new booths, a new floor, and new paint on the walls.

The first day back wasn’t as busy as owners expected, but they say it’s a blessing in disguise. They are able to use the down-time to cover anything they may have missed or forgotten about.

Owner Dennis Epps said those that did come in were thanking them non-stop for not calling it quits and re-opening. “It’s overwhelming and humbling I guess, because you know you do something and you think you do it well, then you have this outpouring of people.”