Heat Advisory


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With severe weather in the forecast the Iowa Department of Transportation is urging travelers to take extra precautions on the roads.

Public works crews in the metro were expecting rain before the snow, so they did not pre-treat the streets, which means the snow will be more likely to stick to the roads, and that will make them harder to clear.

The DOT advises travelers to have a winter survival kit in their car and a cell phone in case of emergency. If you become stranded call 911 and stay with your vehicle.

A survival kit should include items like jumper cables, spare tire, hazard triangle or road flares, a flashlight, first aid kit, water, and a blanket.

When the rain starts to freeze and turns to snow ice will accumulate on roads making travel dangerous. Predicted wind gusts over 30 mph will blow the snow making visibility on roads challenging as well.

Check the road conditions map before heading out on the road.