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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Exercising When Sick

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We all know exercise is good for us, but when you’re feeling a little under the weather when is it best just to stay in bed?

Working out is a great way to boost your immune system, but personal trainer, Angie Gallagher says too much exercise can also temporarily weaken your immunity.

“If you feel like you might be catching something, back off on the workouts, go lighter,” she explained.

Gallagher says there are times when you shouldn’t exercise at all, like when you’re running a fever.

Another good guideline is if you`re symptoms are below the neck, such as hacking or coughing stay out of the gym.  If they`re above the neck, like congestion or a scratchy throat, lacing up the sneakers may actually be beneficial.

“A light to moderate workout can actually help endorphins kick in and boost your immune system,” Gallagher said.

Eating right and getting plenty of rest will also boost immunity.  So the bottom line is listen to your body.  Unless there`s a championship trophy on the line, there`s no need to push it when it`s telling you to slow down.

Of course, no matter what type of symptoms you are showing it's important to wipe down the equipment you use to prevent the spread of germs.