WILD WEATHER: Rain Makes Snow Preps Difficult

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Iowans have been riding a weather roller coaster this week, we’ve seen ice, warm temperatures, thunderstorms and now crews are prepping for several inches of snow.

The rain predicted to fall before the snow is posing a challenge to public works crews, instead of putting down salt and anti-icing agent that could be washed away public works crews have decided to wait for the worst, then hit the road.

Unable to start early, crews through-out the metro spent the day in shop preparing equipment and making last-minutes repairs so that when the snow hits clearing the streets can be a round-the-clock job.

Des Moines residents are being asked to keep their cars off the streets, while you won't get ticketed for parking on residential streets, you will be if you don't shovel your sidewalk with-in 48 hours after the snow stops falling. Fines start at $50 and go up after each offense.