CLEARING ROADS: Crews Battle Wind

Road crews across central Iowa are busy trying to keep up with Wednesday’s storm and clear the snow off of streets, but the wind is making it a challenge.

Des Moines Public Works crews expected rain Tuesday, so they did not pre-treat streets fearing it would just wash-off. That means the snow will be more likely to stick to roads and that will make them harder to clear.

Public works has an army of trucks plowing, salting and sanding  in order to clear the way as fast as possible.

Bret Hodne from West Des Moines Public Works is asking for a little patience from drivers.  

“If there is snow plows on the road way, just try to be patient. They can't drive or plow as fast as the traffic can move. Bear with them, they're trying to do their best. Maintain some adequate following distances,” says Hodne.

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