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FORGERY SCHEME: 14 Suspects Sought

Law enforcement officials across Polk County are seeking fourteen people in connection with a forgery case involving stolen payment checks from a local business.

Last week, Des Moines police said payment checks had been stolen from the mailbox of Crystal Clear Water at 3717 Delaware on January 12th. Now, they’re working with West Des Moines, Clive, Johnston, and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on the case after receiving several reports of forged checks at banks across the metro.

Officials believe whoever took the checks re-printed them, changed the dollar amount and payee, and then cashed them. Police say the total amount of money stolen in the scheme is “approaching $100,000.”

Through the investigative efforts of the jurisdictions involved, the Polk County Attorney’s Office and the US Postal Inspectors fourteen arrest warrants have been issued in the case.

Police are seeking:

Antonio Mitchell DOB: 6-12-78
Morice Jones DOB: 1-18-70
Karlos Goldman Jr.  DOB: 3-21-90
Joseph Bonner DOB: 10-24-86
Samory Monds DOB:  6-30-89
Jordan Pierce DOB: 5-20-92
Donnie Saunders DOB: 3-2-84
Michael McGuire DOB: 10-14-79
Garry Bragg DOB: 4-3-65
Charles Williams DOB: 12-22-79
Edgardo Roman DOB: 7-28-69
Karol Mensink DOB: 9-14-88
Sam Tucker DOB:  6-8-89
Nephesia Pierce DOB: 12-17-73


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