MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclones Stunned, Duals Duel, Warrior Repeat

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I’m still not sure what I saw at the end of the Iowa State-Oklahoma State game. The officials seem confused, and I’ve rarely witnessed a more frantic finish of utter confusion.

Bottom line: Iowa State lost a game it should have won. Some questionable calls didn’t help, but neither did Iowa State’s play down the stretch.

The Cyclones have now lost three Big 12 road games they should have won. Didn’t have good luck at Kansas, didn’t show up at Texas Tech, didn’t finish at Oklahoma State. It’s still January, but the Clones have work to do.

Hard to believe ISU hasn’t won in Stillwater since 1988. For perspective, you can see a popular video from that year by clicking here

And that’s no joke.

To make matters worse, the Cyclone women blow an 18 point lead at Kansas, and lose in overtime. Bill Fennelly won’t sleep well for several nights…

I know the men who run the Iowa High School Athletic Association to be good guys who have the best interest of Iowa kids at heart. However, I think they need to re-think this state duals stance. You can’t tell coaches who to wrestle, and you can’t expect coaches to risk hurting the chances of their athletes achieving their #1 goal: getting on the podium at state, and I mean the traditional tourney. That’s the state tourney every kid who wrestles in Iowa dreams of winning.

The two sides can, and should, work this out before next year…

The Te’o story just keeps getting weirder. I already feel like I know too many details…

This time next week Ray Lewis will be retired. Can’t wait…

For those on Twitter who wondered how long Chris Hassel would remain @poundHassel once he arrived at ESPN, he’s already changed. It’s now @HasselESPN. Chris says the social media guy he saw during his week of Disney boot camp didn’t make him change his  name, but suggested he drop the “pound”. Chris is wise to do so. I don’t think we’ll see Cooter Ray anytime soon, but Chris is more than a character. He’ll do well…

Watching “Warrior” again on Netflix. This is the most underrated sports movie of recent years. Tom Hardy, who plays Bane in Dark Knight Rises, steals the movie. Well, at least the scenes not involving Nick Nolte in his Academy Award nominated performance. Don’t miss it…



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