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NRA BACKTRACK: Gun Control Super Bowl Ad

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One gun control group is turning to the Super Bowl to get their message out in a controversial commercial that has people talking.

The ad focuses on the shifting stance of the NRA on background checks, "The NRA once supported background checks."

The commercial with its child narrator hopes to reinforce a point the National Rifle Association itself made years ago.

"We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show."

The commercial uses the statements NRA's CEO said in 1999 but just this week, the NRA backed off those comments by saying it's opposed to background checks because those wouldn't prevent a criminal from getting a gun.

"I think this is all about the kids, we are really concerned with what's happening with our children." Rev. Cheryl Thomas is part of Iowans for Gun Safety. She says although her group supports the second amendment, members agree changes need to happen.

"We do think that something like universal background checks and reduced magazine clips are reasonable, are reasonable things," she added.

But not everyone is likely to agree with the ad, “When guns are taken away, the criminals are still able to get ahold of them,” argues Jeff Burkett from the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

The Gun Rights Across America held a rally at the Iowa Statehouse last month saying stricter gun laws may not prevent crime.

It reinforced its opposition to changes to existing gun laws in a statement sent by Aaron Baker.

The Iowa Chapter said:

"Gun Rights Across America Iowa is opposed to any new gun control legislation. Please enforce the laws that are on the books. We reject any bans on high capacity magazines, rifles, shotguns, or handguns for law abiding citizens."

While the two sides disagree on gun control they do agree on one factor behind violence, "we have a mental health problem, we have a shortage of resources," Rev. Thomas added, “we want an expansion of Medicaid so people with mental health can get the services they need."

The Demand a Plan Super Bowl ad has already been viewed on YouTube nearly 25,000 times.

A spokesperson with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns said the commercial cost six figures.

President Obama will be in Minneapolis Monday taking the fight over gun control on the road, “In the coming weeks, I will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens."