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THE INSIDERS: Harkin’s Secret

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So, just how big a secret was it that Iowa Senator Tom Harkin would announce his retirement last Saturday that he wouldn't seek a sixth term when his seat expired in 2014? Harkin told Channel 13's Dave Price he counted only four people who knew that he was going to retire before he made it official: himself, his wife, chief of staff and communications director. That was it, he said.  

Harkin also acknowledged that even as recently as the presidential inauguration festivities, he was still telling people he would likely run again. But just a few days after the inauguration, Harkin said a night at his family's home with his wife, kids and grandkids convinced him enough was enough. It was time to retire. That was Wednesday, January 23rd. He announced publicly three days later he would retire.

Harkin also opened up about the contentious fiscal cliff negotiations that dragged into New Year's Eve and brought an early vote on New Year's morning. It ruined Harkin's plans with his wife for the night. In fact, she didn't even fly back to Washington with him for the vote/holiday. And he joked to a worker at the capitol building that it was the first time in 20 years he actually was awake to see the start of the new year.   

On "The Insiders" Harkin also tells Channel 13's Dave Price about his talks with likely Democratic senate candidate, 1st District Congressman Bruce Braley, and whether he's talked with any other Democrat about the job.

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