THERAPY DOGS: Help For Autism

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Man’s best friend has a way of bringing comfort in times of need especially for people with special health needs. 

And one eastern Iowa family is now advocating for therapy dogs after recently receiving a special one for their son, Tristan.

Members of the Kuhn family found out their son has autism about three years ago. 

They looked into getting a family pet, when they found an organization in Waverly that trains dogs specifically to help those with an autism spectrum disorder.

Mom, Lori Kuhn told sister station KWWL that their son’s new therapy dog helps Tristan with his hyperactivity and tendencies to dart off in high stress situations.

“He’s kind of always going. His mind just keeps going and going and doesn’t slow down. But since we’ve had the dog, he has become so calm. It’s like the dog has such a calming effect on his mind in general, which helps him focus better and do tasks better.”

Family members say they’re thankful to have a local organization, like Retrieving Freedom, to help Iowa kids in need.