Heat Advisory

February 4, 2012

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ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

1.) Alert — Call 911
Don’t assume others are contacting law enforcement. Give as clear and accurate information as possible that will answer the vital questions of who, what, when, where, and how (at this point, Crane says, we don’t care why).
2.) Lockdown — Shelter in Place
By locking down and barricading entry points, you are making yourself a hard target. Locked down does not mean locked in. You may choose to barricade the door and exit out windows to safety.
3.) Inform — Constant, Real-time Updates
This can be accomplished with things such as video surveillance equipment or public address systems.  Information updates during a violent intruder incident allows occupants to make sound decisions about how to react and what steps — if any— to take next. 
4.) Counter the Attack — A Last Resort
When other options are not immediately possible — a locked/lockable door does not exist, or the intruder breaches a secured room — move, make noise, and get distraction devices (anything at hand) in the air and heading for the shooter’s face. Then you may attack or evacuate the area.
5.) Evacuate — Get Out!
Your goal here is to put as much time and distance as possible between you and the attacker.
More information and instructional videos are available here.