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HELMET LAW: Tragedy Prompts Proposal

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A Davenport college student is using a personal tragedy to try to get a helmet law passed in Iowa and Illinois.

Just before her senior year in high school, Caroline Found was riding a moped in Iowa City when she hit a tree and died.

Found’s friend, Olivia Lufgren and her friends are making sure other kids don’t lose their life in a similar way. They have started Hope for a Helmet/

On Thursday, they’ll discuss a youth helmet bill with lawmakers at the Statehouse. The bill would require all minors operating a motorized bicycle to wear a helmet or face a fine.

“We want to do it to basically prevent others from going through what we went through, no one should have to start their senior year with a funeral, no one should  have to cry when they walk into school and see everybody,” says Lufgren.

Iowa and Illinois are two of three states without some form of helmet law.