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MURPHY’S LAW: Super Bowl Shines, Beyonce dances, Disturbing Go-Daddy

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Super XXLVII was GREAT.  What else do you want in a game?  One team storms out to a 22 point lead, the other team comes back within 2, the game comes down to a 4th and goal.  Drama, great football, kickoff return, turnovers, big hits, I loved it.  The only thing that makes this game better is if San Francisco scores with 2 minutes left, then the Ravens go back down the field and score in the final seconds to win.  None the less, it was awesome.

go daddyThe Super Bowl commercials were below average.  There were a couple good ones, but nothing great.  The Go-Daddy commercial where Bar Rafaeli (very good looking model) starts making out with a ‘nerd’ was disturbing, very disturbing, but that’s exactly what Go-Daddy wants.  The ‘smacking’ sounds made it sick.  The Taco Bell commercial where the old people go out partying late was my favorite.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime ShowI thought Beyonce’s halftime show was very good.  She can sing, she can dance, and it was visually entertaining.  I’m not sure what people want out of the halftime show, it’s entertainment, that’s all.  I swear, the Beatles could team up with U2, and people would still complain.  Beyonce was very good, a LOT better than Madonna and many other past performers.

Ray Lewis was a great player, hall of famer, 2-time Super Bowl Champ.  Congrats, but the sideshow is overplayed.  We don’t need to hear about God after EVERY question asked.

Joe Flacco is going to get $$$$PAID$$$$$.

Speaking of Flacco, he went to the University of Delaware.  Jacoby Jones, Lane College.  Not exactly elite college football programs.

The Hawkeye basketball team keeps finding ways to lose games.  They’ve now blown 4 Big 10 games in the final minutes.  Sunday against Minnesota was bad.  Gophers score the final 7 points, including the game winning 3 with 13 seconds left.  Iowa’s tournament resume is officially on life support, and the plug may be pulled on Wednesday.

Paging Devyn Marble, paging Devyn Marble.  Marble has no confidence, he’s shooting just 20% the last 4 games.  Yikes.

The Cyclones just keep on winning…At home.  Hilton Coliseum is an incredibly tough place to play.  ISU is riding a 19 game winning streak in Ames.  The Cyclones should be undefeated in the Big 12, unfortunately GREAT teams win all the close games.  Iowa State is a GOOD team, not yet great.

What an atmosphere Friday night at Carver Hawkeye Arena for Iowa-Penn Stateramos wrestling.  Awesome.  The Hawkeyes upset the #1 Nittany Lions 22-16 in front of a sellout crowd.  Wrestling fans take noise in an arena to a whole other level.  When Tony Ramos pinned his guy at 133 pounds, I guarantee you the decibel level was through the roof.  Great win for Iowa, the question now is can they make it count in March.  We’ll see.