The Buzz: Super Weekend

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Good Afternoon…

A weekend full of fun led to a less than stellar start to the work week.

I rolled over without hearing the alarm and just got up after looking at my clock…I thought I registered the time..a bit early, I thought, but close enough. Apparently I didn’t register the RIGHT time in my head.  I went downstairs as usual…no hurry.  When I realized the coffee maker was already done, I also realized it was 3:00…not 2:00!  OK So no coffee for me.  I got ready as fast as I could.  Not a good start.

-Thankfully the weekend was much better than the start to the work week.  I thought the Super Bowl commercials were not as good as they have been.  The Paul Harvey ad for Dodge was my favorite.  I used to get up early with my Dad to eat breakfast.  He always had the radio tuned to WGN.  One of my favorite segments was Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story”.  If I annoy my co-workers with a love of random facts and trivia…they can blame Mr Harvey.  Close second’s  in the commercials for me: The Audi commercial where the kid goes to Prom and the second Godaddy commercial where all the husbands have a “can’t miss’ idea that they don’t register fast enough. 

-I am not a Beyoncé fan but I thought the Halftime show was one of the best I’ve seen during a Superbowl.  They didn’t try to do too much..just sing and dance. 

-Thank goodness for the power failure.  The game got better and we were treated to a twitterfeed @SuperdomeLights  Funny quips include, “Whoever just unfollowed me, I know your nightlight”, “All Power has been diverted to Jim Nantz’s tie”, “My mother was a candle at Super Bowl IV”, and “Just found some Deer Antler in my fuse box”.

Bravo2We also had a great Saturday night.  We were happy to be invited to the Bravo Gala. 

For those of you who don’t know Bravo is the umbrella organization created to support cultural organizations like the Symphony or Arts Center.  It’s a great party every year and a tribute to the support our community gives these organizations that improve our quality of life.  Also, it’s a great excuse to dust off the tux.Bravo 


Here’s Jeriann, her husband Rob, Sally and I at the event.  I heard Ed was there too but didn’t see him all night…  Sally and I are lame and didn’t stay too late.  As I always say to people, if our boys would just sleep until ten, we could stay out late. 

I hope you had a good weekend.