DOG ATTACK: Pitbulls Euthanized After Killing Another Dog

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Three pit bulls that attacked a neighbor`s dog in Newton were put down last week.

Laurie Vanwyngarden`s dog Marley was killed last month when the pit bulls got loose.

The owners were cited for dog at large and the animals spent two weeks in quarantine at the Jasper County Animal Rescue League and Humane Society.

Vanwyngarden was worried that the pit bulls would return to the neighborhood. While the shelter would not return our calls, Vanwyngarden says she was told that the dogs were euthanized.

She says the owners did not pick up the dogs at the end of their quarantine and that meant they were surrendered to the humane society. Because of the history of the dogs they wouldn’t have been able to be adopted out, so they were euthanized.

The case prompted the city of Newton to change its policy regarding vicious dogs. The new policy means a dog can be labeled “vicious” if it kills another pet.