MORNING BUZZ: Votes, Schools and Appreciation

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Good Morning…

Jeriann was dropping hints as subtle as a sledgehammer that it was National Weatherperson Appreciation Day.  We appreciate that Jeriann and Arielle showed up to work today.  I’m happy to buy them breakfast at IHop this morning.  It’s also National Pancake Day so breakfast would be free.

The News:


The Ankeny School District says it needs a new Elementary School.  The price tag is almost $16 million.  The President of the School Board joined us this morning to talk about the plan.  She says they’ve already cut the cost from the original proposal and that the somewhat remote location of the school is in anticipation of growth and development.  

I always wonder why people fight school bond issues like this one.  You want more kids in your schools…you want young families buying homes and paying taxes in your town.  Good schools drive home values up.  If you have kids, wasn’t that one of the important question you asked when you went looking for a house?


Great story from Dan Winters last night about the “ALICE” program being used in the Colo-Nesco schools.  It is a plan to deal with an active shooter in a school.  It’s unique because one point of the plan is for kids to fight back if they have the chance.  As a parent of a kid who will be in school full-time soon, it’s a lot to think about.  You don’t want to scare kids or leave them thinking about the possibility of a shooter in their school, but at the same time this is the world we live in.  I thought the Superintendent’s answer was very honest…he thinks you can’t stop someone who is motivated to get into a school and start shooting, but you can come up with strategies that minimize harm to students and staff.  

Ask yourself this: If you fly these days, would you just sit there if someone brought a box cutter or even a knife or a gun onboard?  Given our experience with September 11th, don’t you think anyone trying to take over a plane is going to get jumped by other passengers quickly?  It’s already happened.  Someone acts goofy on a plane and people have him hog tied pretty quickly.  

Should we start seeing our schools the same way?  Should shooters know that if they come in…they’re going to meet resistance?  Would that act as a deterrent?

Then there’s the other side of this active approach.  If you teach your kids to fight back, your kid might be the first to act…and if they are, they might take a shooter down, but they also are the most likely to get shot.  As a parent how do you balance those two ideas?  I’m interested in what you all have to say.

2016 Caucus

A poll?  Really?  What’s this one worth?  Not much if history tells us anything.  

I hope you have a good day.  As always if you feel like commenting on these or any other story we had this morning…let us know.