CHURCH DAMAGED: Vandal Apologizes For Crime

Des Moines police are looking for whoever vandalized a southside church building. One clue that was left behind... the vandal apparently has a conscience.

Sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning, someone trashed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building on the city's south side, punching holes in walls; destroying door handles; and spraying fire extinguishers all over the place. But the vandal apparently felt bad about the destruction, scrawling an apology under a picture of Christ.

"They may have felt a little guilt as they broke into that room and saw the picture." says Stake President Gary Pence, "I think they must have some basis..some understanding of who the Savior is."

There were no signs of forced entry. Church leaders aren’t sure whether they left the door unlocked or the vandal has a key.

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